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Research has proven that the best way to learn and grow is to work with a Coach. Engage with Gary! Gary will bring creative ideas and a positive approach to inspire you to higher levels of personal and company growth.

Here are ways you can engage with Gary in person:

  • One-on-One Coaching with Gary
  • Attend one of Gary’s workshops

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If you are in Columbus, Ohio, you can attend one of my Growth Cube workshops, which are being held monthly!  We are testing live streaming to reach a wider audience.  The workshops are educational and interactive, and many times include a panel of CEO’s who have done what you want to do!  Register for my next workshop HERE:

I have been doing many podcasts.  I recently spoke on Voice America’s Business Series: ‘Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations’ with Maureen Metcalf.  I was also a guest on Money Sense with Karen Ellenbecker where we broke down the Growth Cube concepts and talked about how they convert into financial growth of your company.  I am also actively doing podcasts, most recently with my friends at Conquering Columbus and with Elio Harmon from 614 Startups.

GARY’S 18 WORKSHOPS – These can be customized as a team building session for your organization:

1. Utilizing The Growth Cube Process to Grow Your Company Faster (Overview Workshop)
• You will learn about the The Growth Cube – a 6-dimensional strategy that can unlock the growth potential of your business, and yourself as a leader
• Learn how to apply the The Growth Cube™ tools and templates to help get the growth results you want for your business

2. How to Build an Awesome Company Culture and Turn Your Employees into Raving Associates
• How to implement a 5-step process with your associates that will energize and motivate them
• How to build a growth culture that will support your growth strategy and increase the value of your company

3. Step by Step Guide to Making your Customers Raving Fans
• How to implement a 6-step process that will develop a strategic relationship with your customer
• How to implement a customer touch program in your company that will keep your whole organization engaged with the customer
• How to analyze and evaluate 6 potential growth programs within your current customer base

4. A Marketing Model to help you Win New Customers
• Identify your company’s unique skills, and how to formulate the right customers to target
• Build a marketing plan around the 5 Customer TouchPoints and the Big 4 Assets of Marketing
• The most important marketing question a CEO should ask
• Key marketing metrics that can help you make sure you are getting the results from your marketing investment

5. Managing the Sales Team to Higher Performance
• Sales pipeline analysis – velocity, stages and volume
• The 5 Customer TouchPoints
• The art and the science of motivating and leading sales teams
• Freeing up a sales rep’s time so they can sell more

6. Building your Sales and Marketing Plan around the 5 Customer TouchPoints
• How to build a sales plan around the customer base and potential
• Building the Big 4 Assets of Marketing to help you sell more
• How to organize and motivate yourself as a sales leader

7. Launching New Products and Services
• ‘The Cars on the Road’ launch process – a way for the CEO to dashboard the status of new products and move them effectively to launch
• How to develop a new product road map
• How to bring new products to your current customers and generate more revenue per customer
• How to build an innovative culture in your company

8. Launching a Successful Startup Business
• What it takes to succeed as a Startup
• The stages of launching a startup and what to focus on each stage
• How to identify the best ideas and the best opportunities
• How to build a winning team
• Tips for getting traction and revenue

9. Your New Startup – Moving from Ideas to Action
• The stages of launching a startup and what to focus on each stage
• What it takes to succeed as a Startup
• How to identify the best ideas and the best opportunities
• Identify the holes in your plan that are turning off investors

10. Capturing Opportunities Outside of Your Core Business
• Ways to uncover new growth ideas
• Steps to conduct a customer base analysis that will uncover opportunities
• Learn the 3 ‘Windows to Growth’ for expanding to new markets
• What is the best market-entry strategy for your newly identified opportunity
• 6 Steps for succeeding in diverse, multi-cultural and international expansions

11. Partnering Successfully with Companies and Executives
• Building a Partner Scorecard to evaluate new partner capabilities and fit
• 3 keys to succeeding with acquisitions
• When and how to partner in international markets
• How to build better relationships and stronger networks that will enable your partnerships to take hold and succeed
• Networking vs. Partnering

12. Expanding the Business Across Multiple Cultures
• Defining your global expansion strategy
• Be Patient. Build relationships
• Go into the markets Yourself
• Build a Global Culture within Your Team
• Each Cultural ‘Country’ is its Own Market
• Engage with local Partners

13. The 12 Challenges to Increasing Company Value
• Learn the 12 keys to driving up your company value
• You will learn what financials and metrics are most important to focus on as the leader
• Learn how to turn the right growth-related dials to drive company valuation

14. Leading Your Company – Becoming a Top Performing Executive!
• 4 steps to preventing major leadership mistakes
• Handling the pressure of ‘Managing the Epicenter’
• How to effectively manage your Board
• Building a team that will run through the wall for you!

15. The Fundamentals of Growing a Recurring Revenue Stream
• What are recurring revenue streams and why they are important
• Ideas for building recurring streams in your company
• What are the key subscription service metrics that you should be tracking

16. Improving Profitability and Scaling Operations with Growth
• How will you grow operations when volume increases
• What products or programs can you implement to be more productive.
• Understand – and Improving – the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
• Reducing Risk

17. Getting Leadership Alignment
• How to implement a 5-step process that will energize and motivate
• Creative ways to get the most out of your strategic planning process
• Stop the boring staff meetings
• How to build a growth culture that will support your growth strategy

18. Leading your Company with God’s Values
• What does God teach us about leading
• Romans 5:3-5
• Motivating People
• What is ‘company success’ from God’s standpoint

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“Gary’s open workshop format and introduction to other attendees made this experience much more than just a presentation.”

– D. Braughler

“The drive and passion Gary has for life is infectious!”

– J. Steele


Inspire Your Company

Have Gary Do an Audit and Action Plan! Another way to get started is to have Gary conduct a Growth Cube audit of your company. This will take several weeks and will result in an action plan across 6 dimensions of growth—that you can take and implement within your company.  Gary can stay with you and help you implement and guide you if you would like!

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